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Top ads (Premium ads)


These ads publish above the normal listings and also in home page slider. When people search, these ads are automatically appearing top of the listings and also they are showing in a light blue color background with red color top button. All premium ads get similar chances to appear in the top and they are appearing in randomly. Therefore your listing can be taken more views by the visitors.

top ads

Home Page Banner ads (245x90) 


These are banner ads. You can purchase advertisement space and put a banner with a link that direct to your website or Facebook page, Twitter … You can provide the banner in jpg. png, gif or embed code. We also can make a banner free for you.


home page banner ads

 Item page banner (300x250)


This ad shows in every item page

item page ad


Search page ad (250x250)


Appear when users are searching for something

search page ad


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